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 Research briefs

Employment Research Brief - Feb 2024.jpg


February 2024

An image of the Research Brief, dated February 2023

Retail Sales

February 2023

An image of the Research Brief, dated February 2023 on Financial Markets

Financial Markets

February 2023

local market reports

Riverside-San Bernardino Multifamily Market Report 2024.jpg


MultiFamily - 2024

Riverside-San Bernardino Office Market Report.jpg


Office - 2024

Los Angeles Multifamily Market Report.jpg

LA Metro Area

MultiFamily - 2024

National Report

2024 Multifamily Investment Forecast.jpg

2024 Multifamily Investment Forecast

2023 Industrial Investment Forecast.png

2023 Industrial Investment Book

Market Report - Q3 2023 Riverside, San Bernardino Multifamily.png

Multifamily National Report

3Q 2023

2023 Midyear Industrial National Report.png

Industrial National Report

Midyear 2023

2024 Office Investment Forecast.jpg

2024 Office

Investment Forecast

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